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Welcome Home to Borderlands Horse Sanctuary

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Humboldt, South Dakota that provides a permanent retirement home for senior horses to enjoy their twilight years.

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary accepts senior horses who are 20 years old (or older) and have no major medical issues that require immediate veterinary care. Your generous support allows us to open our doors to deserving senior horses who need a place to rest for their final years.

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary is funded solely through donations and run by volunteers. It is through your support that we can help senior horses.

Discover Our Programs

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary’s main focus is providing a retirement home for senior horses. However, wisdom comes from age and we want to share the wisdom the horses at Borderlands have to offer. As Borderlands Horse Sanctuary continues to grow, so will the available programs. We are always looking for volunteers to assist in these programs.


Sanctuary Program

Senior horses enjoy full retirement with 24×7 turnout unless there’s inclement weather. Each horse is evaluated daily to ensure proper health and quality of life.

PenPal Program

Become a PenPal with one of the Borderlands horses via email or snail mail. Enjoy stories and wisdom from their adventures!

Education and Outreach

Knowledge is wisdom and the Borderlands horses have a lot of wisdom to share with their years of experience. Find them at meet and greets and other events!

Meet the Horses

Current Residents

Check out the current horses that call Borderlands “home”. Learn more about each horse and their personalities and quirks. Fall in love with one of these great warriors.

Greener Pastures

Walk through the past and see all the horses who enjoyed their twilight years at Borderlands and moved on to greener pastures. They came from all walks of life and careers; they were big and small but the most important, they were loved and are still deeply missed.

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary

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Open Hours

Mon – Thur: 5:00 pm-8:00 pm
Fri – Sun: By appointment


26160 457th Ave
Humboldt, SD 57035


Please contact us to schedule a tour and meet the horses