Meet Diavlo

Breeding Stock Paint Gelding

Diavlo arrived at Borderlands in September 2019 with his herdmates, Jessie and Ransom. Diavlo had spent years living not far from Borderlands. When his owner could no longer care for Diavlo due to his own health, we said yes. Diavlo is dedicated to his herdmates and makes sure that he becomes a bodyguard for whichever mare he is protecting. He is very dedicated to his herdmates.

Diavlo loves treats. You can win his heart with any type of treat. He’s a perfect gentleman when there’s treats involved and loves the attention.

Although we don’t know his actual age, Diavlo is in his prime and we hope to enjoy this big black beauty for years to come.

Sponsor Diavlo

Consider sponsoring Diavlo to help cover the cost of his care. The following are options for sponsoring Diavlo:

  • $100 monthly sponsorship
  • $50 partial monthly sponsorship
  • $30 farrier (every two months)
  • Treats
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