Good Friday Jessie


Quarter Horse Mare

Arrived: September 2019
RIP: July 2020

Good Friday Jessie was born on Good Friday. She and her herd mates arrived at Borderlands in September 2019 after their owner moved into a nursing home. Jessie was in charge of the little herd and made sure everyone knew. When Jessie arrived, Borderlands staff spent hours working with her to gain weight. The stress of moving to a new home and changing routines caused some weight loss. She maintained weight during the winter and she absolutely loved her nightly grain mash. Her nightly grain also gave her time away from all the other horses. Her herd mate, Diavlo, insisted that he was her official bodyguard and would stand next to her or push her around to make sure that others knew he was protecting her.

Her body started giving out as spring turned to summer and we had to say goodbye in the summer of 2020. She is buried on the family farm with others that called Borderlands home.

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