My Blazing Skip

Barn Name: Dude

Registered Quarter Horse gelding

Dude has been a part of Borderlands Horse Sanctuary since before Borderlands existed. He was originally purchased as a riding horse but as time progressed, it was discovered that he had an old injury that would not allow him to be a dependable riding horse.

Dude was then retired to ensure his safety. We knew that had he been put through an auction, that someone would ride him and either the rider or Dude would get seriously hurt. It was in everyone’s best interest to retire Dude to pasture and allow him to be herd boss of all that come to Borderlands.

Sadly his age is starting to catch up to him. As a 1997 model, Dude now requires pain medicine to manage the issues he sustained from his younger years. We continue to monitor his quality of life to ensure that his pain can be managed with medication.

Sponsor Dude

Consider sponsoring Dude. As a senior with health issues, Dude is one of the more care intensive at Borderlands:

  • $100 monthly sponsorship
  • $50 partial monthly sponsorship
  • $50 Buteless
  • $30 farrier (every two months)
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