Peppy Cutter King


Barn Name: King

Registered Paint Gelding

King originally came to Borderlands as a personal horse but after a few years of trial and error with his feet, it was decided to retire him and let him enjoy a full retirement. King is a very large horse with very flat feet and he struggles to stay comfortable. His amazing farrier does a fantastic job in making sure this big loveable guy feels great. Don’t let King’s size fool you. He’s a quiet guy who prefers to sit back and let the others enjoy the roughhousing. He’s much happier snacking on grass or hay with Jim (or anyone else who’s quiet). We keep a very close eye on King to ensure he does not have a bout with laminitis. He’s definitely a gentle giant and loves to be groomed and spoiled.

Sponsor King

Consider sponsoring King.

  • $100 monthly sponsorship
  • $50 partial monthly sponsorship
  • $30 farrier (every two months)
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