Appaloosa Mare

Arrived: October 2008

No other horse in the history of Borderlands has been like Queen. She was the matriarch and took care of all her charges. She preferred caring for children over horses (or adults). She knew when someone was upset and would go over and comfort that person with a head to the chest or a soft nuzzle to the shoulder. She arrived after going through a local auction. She arrived with no history other than knowing she was the neighbor’s horse and they previously called her Girl. She deserved more dignity and was renamed Queen because she acted like a refined queen and demanded the respect she so deserved. As Queen grew older, she was given more free reign to wander the yard to find the best grass. Even when she was in a pasture, she would become an escape artist so she could be near her people.

She is greatly missed and on the really tough days of sanctuary life, her absence is greatly felt. She was a magnificent mare that carried herself with refinement and dignity through the very end. May we meet again one day my beloved Queen.

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