Rabbit Choker Nikki


Registered Quarter Horse Mare

Arrived: September 2011

Rabbit’s previous owner bought her because she was pregnant. She was simply a byproduct of wanting to have a foal. Around the same time, Borderlands was looking for a mare to add to the mare herd to protect them if one were to pass. Rabbit came to Borderlands to protect her from ever having to make another baby. Poor Rabbit also had summer allergies that caused her COPD. She always seemed grumpy but as time progressed, Borderlands staff realized that her grumpiness was pain driven. Rabbit had been misunderstood for years. Rabbit enjoyed retirement and hanging out with horses as they came through the gates and called Borderlands home.

As the pain progressed and rendered Rabbit severely lame, it was decided to ease her suffering and send her across the Rainbow Bridge. Rabbit taught us about being stoic even when faced with severe aches and pains caused by age.

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