Meet Rain

Arabian Gelding

Rain has been around since before Borderlands existed. He was originally a personal horse until age and health took its toll. Now he’s enjoying permanent retirement at Borderlands. He may be tiny but his personality makes up for it. He doesn’t let other bigger horses push him around and he makes sure to let them know that he’s in charge (after the herd boss, Dude).

Rain is a gentle horse when it comes to people and doesn’t act flighty like some arabians. He’s curious and enjoys partaking in some silly herd games. If there’s a nip in the air, you’ll find Rain in one of his two spots to keep him out of the wind and enjoying the sunshine. Rain suffered from a photosensitivity attack and ever since then his system has been compromised due to liver damage. Staff at Borderlands makes sure to keep Rain cool during the hot summer months and snug, warm, and dry in a blanket (and stall) in the winter months. Rain enjoys being spoiled.

Sponsor Rain
  • $100 monthly sponsorship
  • $50 partial monthly sponsorship
  • $25 monthly grain
  • $100 yearly blanket

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