Belgian Gelding

Arrived: April 2010

Goofy and loveable Sam came to Borderlands after his owner had a lifestyle change and was required to move. Sam was very much loved in his previous home and spoiled in their care. Prior to that home, there is very little information. In one of his previous careers, he was an Amish horse and had the harness marks to show for it. He took time to warm up to new people and preferred to be rather standoffish. But once he knew you had treats and a loving hug, he was always eager to meet you. As he grew older, Sam required nightly grain and learned from his buddy, Bob, that he would bang on the barn door to insist that he be fed that instant. Big hooves make large dents! Sam loved his grain and made sure to tell everyone, especially if you were even one minute late to feeding.

While he was at Borderlands, he was best friends with Brego, a little quarter horse gelding. Their friendship was very strong and they each cared for the other in their own special way. Sam is very greatly missed, especially his silly whinny that he would give every time he saw you at feeding time.

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