Sanctuary Program


20 years old or older

No major medical issues (requiring immediate vet care)

No stallions

Blind and partially blind are accepted

*Entry into the Sanctuary Program is limited to funding and space.


The Sanctuary Program is available for horses who are 20 years old or older and have no major medical issues that require emergency vet care. Why 20 years old? Horses that come to Borderlands are “home” to enjoy their twilight years to simply be a horse. Horses that call Borderlands “home” are typically here for four to five years; when the time comes, they tell Borderlands volunteers they are ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. If Borderlands Horse Sanctuary were to take younger horses, that additional time would remove opportunities for older horses who are not guaranteed a retirement.

Horses at Borderlands Horse Sanctuary enjoy 24×7 turnout and are only stalled during bad weather or for nightly feeding. Horses are grained separately to ensure each horse has adequate time to eat their designated grain mash with supplements. Horses are evaluated daily to ensure proper care and quality of life. Horses are placed into herds that best meet their physical and mental abilities. Horses are always with a best friend.

Contact Us

26160 457th Ave
Humboldt, SD 57035
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