Meet Skippy

Registered Miniature Horse
17 year old gelding

Skippy and his best friend, Tommy, came to Borderlands in February 2008 when we were asked if we were interested in two ponies. Of course we said yes and it’s been a wild ride ever since. We joke that Skippy has two sides to himself (because he has different colored eyes). One side is the naughty side and one side is the good side. Skippy is devoted to his friend Tommy and where one goes, the other follows. Skippy loves to kick up his heels and loves to go on adventures.

Sponsor Skippy

Consider sponsoring Skippy to help cover the cost of his care. The following are options for sponsoring Skippy:

  • $50 monthly sponsorship
  • $25 quarterly sponsorship
  • $30 farrier (every two months)
  • $50 sweet itch medicine

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