Meet Zeke

Arabian gelding with bloody shoulder marking

Zeke is a one-in-a-million type horse. Zeke was originally purchased as a private horse for Executive Director, Shanna Border. After years of serving as a trail horse, performing in two drill teams over the years, prancing in parades, and being a dependable riding partner, Zeke deserved a permanent retirement to enjoy his golden years. Zeke is now thoroughly enjoying retirement and all the benefits retirement brings (including lazy days, naps, romps through the pasture, and hanging out with friends). Zeke is a true joy to care for and we hope to spend many years spoiling him and showing him the respect he deserves after years of service.

Sponsor Zeke

Consider sponsoring Zeke.

  • $100 monthly sponsorship
  • $50 partial monthly sponsorship
  • $30 farrier (every two months)
  • $20 fly mask (yearly) & $50 fly boots (yearly)

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